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A form of energy healing which restores balance to the body by releasing trapped negative emotional energies that manifest as physical and/or emotional issues. Using muscle testing, we work directly with the subconscious mind to identify and release trapped emotions from past events which may be contributing to your ailments, allowing the body to heal faster and more efficiently.

"The energy of the mind is the essence of life."

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Everything in existence is energy, including emotions. Energy healing techniques are ancient, non-invasive powerful methods which bridge the gap between physical, mental, and spiritual aspects to enable the body's natural healing ability.


Over the course of your life, it's likely that you will experience stressful events, emotional experiences, difficult situations, and possibly trauma (i.e. a breakup, divorce, loss of a loved one, buying a home/moving, losing a job, making a career change, financial issues, getting sick/injured, etc). The subconscious mind is where the record of every experience, thought, feeling, or memory you've ever had is stored. At the time of a stressful event, any negative emotions you experience may be too difficult for your subconscious mind to process causing you to harbor them. As a result, these negative emotions can become trapped within the body, causing imbalances and blockages, which then manifest as symptoms. These emotions associated with specific events can also create emotional "triggers" which repeatedly affect how you react to or deal with future stressors or events (i.e. digestive issues caused you to develop a fear of food). By releasing them, we pave the way for new emotional experiences and allow you to return to a state of joy and internal peace.


Muscle testing is based on principles of biomagnetic energy. Naturally, as beings, we gravitate towards positive energy, and away from negative energy. Using this method, we can communicate with and access knowledge from the subconscious mind by eliciting either a strong (positive) or weak (negative) muscle response. Using muscle testing, we can easily identify the negative trapped emotions from past events causing your ailments in order to release them from the body.

The Benefits...

Relief from physical pain, discomfort, & ailments

Reduced anxiety & stress

Increase in energy & mental clarity

Improved mindset & outlook

Improved confidence & self-love

Improved relationships & connection

Inner peace, calm, & joy

Client Testimonials

"I have worked on healing my chronic stomach issues for a couple of years, with lots of success. However, the one symptom that seemed to always come back around periods of high stress, regardless of the food I ate or supplements I took every day, was indigestion. After a couple of sessions with Jenn, I literally have not experienced indigestion! I'm amazed at what the emotion code can do.

Jessica H.

"After just two emotion code sessions with Jenn, my chronic lower back pain subsided drastically! Jenn is kind and super knowledgeable. I recommend her to all my friends!"

Michelle M.

"The emotion code sessions I did with Jenn were amazing! She is so intuitive and has such a calming presence. She really helped me tap into my trapped emotions and release the negative energy. After my sessions with her, I felt physically lighter, less anxious, and more confident. I highly recommend Jenn!"

Hannah R.

  • What does the Emotion Code help with?
    The Emotion Code has had positive outcomes with nearly every issue you can imagine. My specialities include: physical pain/discomfort & ailments, anxiety, depression, irritability/mood swings, negative mindset, mental blocks, food fears, fatigue, brain fog, stress, & relationship issues.
  • Where do sessions take place?
    All sessions are conducted by phone (video call may be requested). The beauty of this work is that it can be done no matter where you are!
  • How long are sessions?
    All sessions are approximately 30 minutes long.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    The number of sessions needed to resolve a specific issue will vary. Some issues may be resolved in one session, others may take multiple sessions. We can only release a certain number of emotions in one session and typically focus on 1-2 issues max.
  • Will I feel anything during a session?
    Some people feel an energy shift during our session which feels like a weight lifted off the shoulders. It's also common to feel dizzy or light headed as the energy moves through and releases from the body. Others may feel nothing at all.
  • What can I expect after a session?
    Most people feel lighter, calmer, relaxed, and more at peace internally. It is also common to feel tired or experience feelings similar to the emotions we released. This is normal and will pass in a couple of days as your mind and body process the emotions. If you still experience issues around the concern we worked on, this only means that we have 'peeled off the top layer' and need to continue to work further on the issue. Healing takes time, and depending on the severity of your issue, the improvement time will vary. I will email you notes from our session within 24-48h after.

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